Bearing Seals


Felt Seal is normally used with bearing housing of variety SN, PDN, TVN, Flanged housing, SD500, SD600, SD30 series. For SDG type also felt seal is used along with labyrinth seal.



V- Ring seal is used with SNA, SNH, and SNL housings. For SDG and PDN type housings, V- Ring seal are used as supplementary seal to enhance sealing efficiency. V-Ring seal consist of a V-ring and steel sheet washer (TA). It is designated as TA or TSNA 500A or TSNA 600A


Double Lip Seal – TG & TSNA _ _ G

Double Lip Seal is used with SNA, SNH and SNL housings. It is split type, which makes mounting and dismounting simple. It is made of poly-urethane (synthetic rubber), a wear-resistant material with excellent resilient properties.


Labyrinth Seal TS or TSNA 500S or 600S

Labyrinth Seal is used with SN, SNA, SNH, SNL, SD and SAF type housings. For large Plummer block housings, like SDJ, SDG SBD, THD types, the Labyrinth Seal is the preferred choice. For SOFN housings the labyrinth seals are supplied with internal design having additional external oil traps and are called ‘Sealing Collar’ Labyrinth Seal is designated as as TS or TSNA 500S or TSNA 600S. In case of SAF and SDAF housing they are designated as LER_ _ _ .


Selection of seal for Bearing Housings

Selection of seal for Bearing Housings should be done carefully since seal has very important role in functioning of bearing and bearing housing. An efficient seal adds to the life of a bearing by keeping dirt, dust, contamination and foreign particle outside the bearing housing whereas it prevents the lubricant from leaking out of bearing housing. To satisfy this basic requirement of a trouble-free bearing, a suitable Seal plays very important role. There are five main types of seals which are popularly selected for bearing housings. (1). FELT (2). V SEAL (3). DOUBLE LIP SEAL (4). LABYRINTH and (5). TACONITE. All will be under “MECO” make.


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